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Sim Pedals PRO for unforgettable driving experience, derived precisely from the sophisticated experiences of professionals and offered to those looking for precise and real-life racing feedback. Versions with 2 or 3 pedals layout, completely made of anodized aluminum to enhance the aesthetic, longer durability and a rock solid feeling. 16-bit electronics for market-leading driving precision and feedback. Also available in the Ground or Reversed layout.

•For a professional performance with strong emotions you need the maximum precision and continuity of response between the controls and the pilot, just like in reality.
•The brake allows an operating pressure of up to 200 kg and a pedal force of up to over 100 kg (the maximum in the sector) and great precision in releasing the brake
•Same precision in the responsiveness of the accelerator. The large size of the pedal-plates allows for maximum control
•Exclusive 16-bit electronic designed entirely by Wave Italy engineers and developed with the contribution of professional pilots

Designed with the latest generation 3D CAD software is then perfected with precision machine tools before undergoing severe stress tests to ensure greater reliability, robustness and durability. Pedal body and base body of each module are entirely made of anodized aluminum to ensure:
•Definition in details
•Great precision in movements
•High reliability and maximum driving comfort
•Possibility to have the Pedal Set in different colors for some parts in anodized aluminum.

The sophisticated design and the materials quality, finally, make Wave Italy pedals a mechanical and electronic jewel that accurately replicate the look and performance of the real controller:
•Cutting-edge technology
•Constant and professional R&D
•Attention to detail and refined craftsmanship typical of a land famous for the passion for racing cars
•Design and development, production, sales and service. In Wave Italy every single detail is thought of with attention to ensure maximum quality in every respect.

Total customization freedom:
•Fully customizable for the perfect Ergonomic position and angle
•Pedals inclination and position of plates are settable for every need
•Adjustable distance between each pedal column
•Possibility to 100% customize the curve Force / Brake Shift
•The pedals base (included) allows you to install them on simulation platforms
•Scuff plates supplied with the Monza or Imola Support to guide the heel position and the ergonomic adjustment of the leg / ankle angle
•Plug & Play – USB port for easy connection to the computer from which you can perform sensor calibrations.

Throttle pedal
•The force to be applied on the pedal can be set to 10 different values from soft to very hard
•Two preloaded starting position to choose
•Rotary position sensors for Professional use and 5 million cycles guaranteed
•Super-fine adjustments can be applied to the pedal position thanks to a threaded aluminum strut
•The total travel range can be changed up to 25 degrees by mechanical stopper

Brake pedal
•Thanks to race-car-telemetry data analysis the pedal succeed in replicating the force needed along the travel distance to perfectly reproduce what a real driver feels
•Possibility to change the brake-pedal feedback replacing the standard internal module with the ones supplied by Wave Italy to get same feedback as in a road car or a GT or a Formula 1 or also to customize it at choice
•The supplyed professionally calibrated load cell gives a total operating range pressure of 200 Kg (441 lbs) with a maximum foot pressure over 100 Kg (220 lbs)

Clutch pedal
•The force applied on the pedal can be set to 13 different values. The cam mechanism can be adjusted for different stiffness configuration to simulate how the springs operate on the clutch disk
•Preload pedal force adjustable on 2 positions
•Professional rotating sensor at 5 million cycles
•Pedal Corner with 2 positions
•Super-fine adjustments up to 12.5° for the pedal position thanks to a threaded aluminum strut
•Pedal stroke adjustable up to 25° with mechanical stopper


“Communication and quality top notch! Pre-sales communication was prompt and answered my questions. Delivery was as promised and after-sale support has been great. Finally, the screen and mounting for my direct drive wheel are high quality. Highly recommended!"


“I bought a wheel from Brandon this summer and after a very brief wait it arrived ready to use. His attention to detail and understanding of what is expected is top notch. I am also very pleased with the product and also every time I have a question related to sim racing, Brandon is quick to reply and always pleasant. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again”


“Best dash on the market! It looks even better in person, 5 inch screen, multiple dash overlays provided by Brandon with his top notch service. Installation is very easy to go through and understand all the features the grid dash has to offer!”


“Grid engineering has been amazing to deal with, the best dash I have seen on the market with the highest quality materials. You can tell a lot of love has gone into the design and assembly of the product, can't wait to see what they come up with in the wheel market"


Top Quality and Support! Hi Guys !Grid Engineering is amazing. Amazing Customer Support. CEO Brandon helped me a Lot with different stuff.. the Delivery of my Grid Dashboard was super fast and without any Problem. Even in the hard Covid Time. No Trouble between Canada and Germany. the Quality is outstanding. The best Dashboard I've Seen in my Life.Huge thumb's Up ! Awesome company. Any time again Guys :)"


“The wheel and button box that Brandon sent me was amazing. It was the first rim I bought and he talked to me about the size and feel. Turns out to be one of my favorite rims I have. The shipping process was quick and easy. Will definitely be working with him more in the future."